About Us

We produce remanufactured cartridges for all types of printers, offering a viable alternative product to the original cartridges, with equal performance and quality.

We safeguard in terms of production, the "Qualitative, Ecological/ Environmental and Socio/ Economic" aspect, in accordance with the slogan:


The Company

For over twenty years we have been a leading company in the production and distribution of consumables for photocopiers, fax machines, printers, multifunctional equipment and office products.

A dynamic company that, with respect for the environment, has positioned itself on the domestic and foreign markets as one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of printing consumables.

Through an intense research and development process and a professional and specialised sales network, TECH TRADE s.r.l. today is able to supply high quality remanufactured consumables to Dealers, Retailers, Organised Distributors, Retail Stores, Suppliers, Wholesalers.

About our work

The production process is based on the purchase and reuse of original ‘exhausted’ cartridges, (i.e. at the end of their first life cycle) which are collected by accredited companies authorised to collect special waste to which TECH TRADE s.r.l turns.

Specialised workers take care of the selection, disassembly, subsequent cleaning and replacement of the worn parts of each vacuum, and then proceed with re-assembly and toner recharging.
At the end of the production process, the cartridge is tested on the relevant printer to verify its perfect functionality, quality and print life.

Finally, the cartridge, after being labelled and sealed in special anti-static and shockproof envelopes, is boxed and identified on the outside of the carton with a label bearing the article code and barcode

The technical process

We illustrate the laser printing process with an explanation of the steps that take place within the toner cartridge.

This technology refers exclusively to laser printers that use magnetic toner in their cartridges.

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